Anna Maria Island Brewing Company


A fabled place, the Anna Maria Island Brewing Company. It never got off the ground but the label was made! Classic pelican drinking a beer on the beach at sunset.
Original oil 16×20 sold but image available for licensing on your beer label!

Purchase your very own hand signed matted print or limited edition, giclee on canvas artwork.

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Delve into the lore of the Anna Maria Island Brewing Company—a tale that never took flight, yet its essence lives on through a captivating label illustration. Picture a legendary pelican leisurely savoring a brew against a backdrop of the sun-kissed beach at sunset—an image now available for licensing, waiting to grace your beer label with its timeless charm.

  1. Matted Print: The vibrant giclée on paper, curated with meticulous care, is nestled within a crisp, dual white mat and personally signed by Robert Johnson. Crafted using Epson’s premium matte paper and superior inks, these prints offer standard sizing for easy framing under glass, seamlessly fitting into pre-made frames.
  2. Artistic Legacy: Unravel the story behind the Anna Maria Island Brewing Company, an artistic portrayal that immortalizes the brewery’s essence despite its unrealized reality, evoking the nostalgia and intrigue surrounding this fabled establishment.
  3. Soulful Sunset: Capture the essence of a serene coastal evening through the captivating imagery of a pelican enjoying a beer against the stunning backdrop of an island sunset, lending a touch of whimsy and charm to any space.
  4. Licensing Opportunity: Embrace the chance to incorporate this captivating artwork into your beer label, lending your brew an aura of seaside folklore and lending an evocative visual story to your beverage.
  5. Collectible Artwork: Whether adorning your walls or becoming part of your curated collection, this artwork serves as a cherished piece, sparking conversations and inviting contemplation about the allure of untold stories and nostalgic island vibes.