Anna Maria Island Bird’s Eye View


Aerial view of Anna Maria Island, Perico and Cortez Village. Another bird’s eye perspective painting. Many hours spent on this one even making sure channels are correct.
Original sold!

Purchase your very own hand signed limited edition giclee on canvas artwork.

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Soar above the breathtaking landscapes of Anna Maria Island, Perico, and Cortez Village in an exquisite aerial view captured in paint by the talented Robert Johnson. Revel in the beauty of this bird’s eye perspective, where meticulous attention to detail ensures accurate channels and a true-to-life portrayal. Although the original has found a new home, the magic lives on through:

  1. Canvas Giclée Masterpiece: Elevate your space with the awe-inspiring aerial view through our canvas giclée reproduction. The sumptuous canvas wraps around the sides in a Gallery Wrap, presenting a seamless and ready-to-hang artwork. No framing is necessary (unless preferred).
  2. Limited Edition Elegance: Each canvas is a numbered, limited edition, bearing the hand-signed mark of Robert Johnson. Your exclusive piece is protected by a UV-resistant semi-gloss coating, assuring the enduring vibrancy and pristine condition that will last a lifetime.
  3. Attention to Detail: Immerse yourself in the intricate details meticulously crafted by the artist. From the layout of Anna Maria Island to the channels winding through Perico and Cortez Village, every element is thoughtfully rendered for an authentic and captivating portrayal.
  4. Gallery-Worthy Presentation: The canvas giclée not only mirrors the original but also provides a gallery-worthy presentation. The absence of framing (unless desired) enhances the immersive experience of the artwork, allowing you to enjoy the full expanse of the scene.
  5. Lasting Legacy of Color: Embrace the enduring vibrancy and captivating hues of this aerial masterpiece. The UV-resistant semi-gloss coating ensures that the canvas retains its lustrous colors, preserving the beauty of the artwork for generations.

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