Annie’s Bait and Tackle


‘Annie’s Bait and Tackle’. A whimsical view of Annie’s from the water with “Lerch” the cat watching all.
24×36 original oil sold! In the permanent collection of the Marietta Museum of Whimsy in Sarasota.

Purchase your very own hand signed matted print or limited edition, giclée on canvas artwork.

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Embark on a whimsical journey with “Annie’s Bait and Tackle,” a delightful creation by Robert Johnson that captures the charm of Annie’s from the water, complete with the watchful eye of “Lerch” the cat. Experience the magic through:

  1. Matted Print Brilliance: Dive into the vibrancy of Annie’s with our lively giclée on paper prints. Set within a crisp, white double mat, each print is hand-signed by Robert Johnson, adding a personal touch. Crafted on Epson matte paper with premium Epson inks, these prints boast vivid colors and intricate details.
  2. Charming Mat Features: The double white mat enhances the visual appeal and authenticity of the artwork. The title, hand-printed in pencil, adds an extra layer of charm. Standard-size mats facilitate easy framing under glass, effortlessly fitting into readily available pre-made frames.
  3. Canvas Giclée – True Original Reproduction: The canvas giclée reproduction mirrors the original, with the sumptuous canvas wrapping around the sides in a Gallery Wrap for immediate hanging. No framing is necessary (unless preferred). Each numbered, limited edition canvas is hand-signed by Robert Johnson, ensuring exclusivity. The UV-resistant semi-gloss coating safeguards the artwork, preserving its vibrancy and pristine condition for a lifetime.
  4. Gallery-Ready Presentation: The canvas giclée, presented on 1.5″ stretcher bars, provides a gallery-worthy presentation. The image extends onto the sides, offering an immersive experience. Ready to hang with no frame required, this canvas giclée stands as the best reproduction available, closely resembling the original painting.
  5. Enduring Beauty: Cherish the enduring vibrancy and captivating charm of Annie’s Bait and Tackle. Quality Epson inks and canvas, combined with the UV semi-gloss coating, guarantee that this whimsical scene will grace your space with its lustrous colors for a lifetime.