AP Bell – Cortez Village


Realistic version of the AP Bell Fish Co located in Cortez Village on Sarasota Bay. Fresh fish off the boats over the bridge from Anna Maria Island.
12×24 Original Oil Sold!

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Welcome to the captivating world of the AP Bell Fish Co, portrayed with remarkable realism by Robert Johnson (Robert The Artist). Let’s delve into the essence of this realistic masterpiece through five key points:

  1. Authentic Realism: Immerse yourself in the authenticity of the AP Bell Fish Co with this realistic painting. Robert Johnson’s keen eye for detail and artistic finesse brings the iconic fish co in Cortez Village, Sarasota Bay, Florida, to life on canvas.
  2. Vibrant Giclée Prints: Our vibrant giclée on paper prints showcase the true-to-life beauty of the AP Bell Fish Co. Each print is carefully set in a crisp, white double mat, providing an elegant backdrop that enhances the visual impact of the artwork. Hand-signed by the artist, these prints on Epson matte paper with high-quality Epson inks ensure a faithful representation of the original.
  3. Simple Framing Elegance: The standard-size mats not only simplify the framing process under glass but also make these prints easily adaptable to pre-made frames. This simplicity ensures that you can effortlessly incorporate the realism and charm of the AP Bell Fish Co into your living space.
  4. Keywords in Artistry: This artwork seamlessly combines realism with a touch of whimsical artistry. The composition captures the essence of modern oil painting, presenting a colorful tableau that reflects the vibrant spirit of the AP Bell Fish Co. The nuanced use of color and form adds a whimsical touch to this compelling piece.
  5. Capturing Local Charm: Beyond being a mere depiction, this artwork serves as a visual homage to the local charm and significance of the AP Bell Fish Co in Cortez Village. It preserves a moment in time, allowing you to connect with the rich cultural and historical tapestry of Sarasota Bay, Florida.

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