Beach Therapy


‘Beach Therapy’ Following the beautiful rail road vine flower that leads you to the path towards the breaking Gulf wave on Anna Maria Island. Time to unwind!
36×48 original oil sold!

Purchase your very own hand signed matted print or limited edition, giclée on canvas artwork.

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Introducing “Beach Therapy,” an enchanting artwork that beckons you to follow the alluring railroad vine flower, leading you to the path of the crashing Gulf waves on Anna Maria Island. Immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation with this piece.

  1. Nature’s Tranquil Escape: “Beach Therapy” captures the serene beauty of Anna Maria Island, offering a soothing escape to the beach. It serves as a reminder to unwind and embrace the therapeutic power of nature.
  2. Print Options: You have two splendid presentation options to choose from: Matted Print and Canvas Giclée, both hand-signed by the artist, Robert Johnson (Robert The Artist).
  3. Matted Print: The giclée on paper prints come to life with vibrant colors and intricate details. These prints are elegantly set within a crisp, white double mat and are personally hand-signed by the artist. They are designed for easy framing under glass and fit seamlessly into readily available pre-made frames.
  4. Canvas Giclée: Elevate your decor with the canvas giclée reproduction, closely resembling the original artwork. The sumptuous canvas extends around the sides (Gallery Wrap), making it ready to grace your walls without the need for additional framing. Each canvas is a numbered, limited edition, hand-signed by Robert Johnson and is safeguarded by a UV-resistant semi-gloss coating, ensuring the artwork’s lasting vibrancy and pristine condition.
  5. Artful Serenity: “Beach Therapy” is a testament to the artistry of modern oil painting, portraying a peaceful and colorful rendition of nature’s calming influence. These framed canvas art prints bring the tranquility of the beach right into your living space.