Have a Seat in Paradise


‘Have a Seat in Paradise’ – Two adirondack chairs are waiting for you to enjoy the gorgeous sunset colors surrounded by tropical plants and flowers on Anna Maria Island. Made to look like it is painted on weathered barn wood.
30×60 Original Sold!

Purchase your very own signed giclee prints and limited edition, signed canvas reproductions.

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Step into a world where art meets imagination, where colors dance and stories unfold. Discover our vibrant collection of meticulously crafted artwork, each piece a testament to Robert Johnson’s artistic prowess and creative vision.

  1. Matted Print: Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of giclée paper prints—vibrant, hand-signed creations nestled within a custom, double white mat. These prints, meticulously printed on Epson matte paper with premium inks, bear the signature touch of Robert Johnson, making for a seamless fit into standard-sized frames.
  2. Artisan Detailing: Revel in the fine craftsmanship that adorns each matte paper print—the title meticulously hand-printed in pencil on the mat, ensuring a personalized touch that adds to the allure and authenticity of the artwork.
  3. Canvas Giclée: Indulge in the splendor of canvas reproductions—a symphony of colors brought to life. Each canvas, resembling the original masterpiece, boasts a gallery wrap that seamlessly encases the sides, eliminating the need for framing. Protected by UV-resistant semi-gloss coating, these numbered, limited edition canvases are hand-signed, promising a lifetime of vibrancy and allure.
  4. Immersive Artistry: Experience the immersive allure of gallery wrap canvases mounted on 1.5″ stretcher bars—an epitome of artistry and meticulous reproduction that captures the essence of the original creation. Ready to hang, these canvases preserve the essence and vividness of Robert Johnson’s art.
  5. Timeless Quality: Witness the blend of quality Epson inks and canvas, meticulously curated to produce the best reproductions that mirror the original artwork’s charm and vibrancy, ensuring these prints stand the test of time.