Old Rotten Ralphs


‘Old Rotten Ralphs’. Now a piece of Anna Maria Island history. The restaurant was well loved for its “Rotten Food and Rotten Service”! A new sushi restaurant now sits in its place on Galati Marina.
24×48 Original Oil Sold!

Purchase your very own hand signed matted artwork print.

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Step into history with ‘Old Rotten Ralphs,’ a cherished relic from Anna Maria Island’s past. This iconic restaurant, fondly remembered for its quirky tagline “Rotten Food and Rotten Service,” now stands as a testament to the island’s ever-evolving narrative. Discover the new sushi haven at Galati Marina that has taken its place!

  1. Matted Print: Capturing the essence of ‘Old Rotten Ralphs,’ these vibrant giclée paper prints are embraced by a pristine, double white mat, personally signed by Robert Johnson. Crafted with Epson’s premium matte paper and top-tier inks, these prints offer standard sizing for convenient framing under glass, effortlessly fitting into pre-made frames.
  2. Historical Icon: Celebrate a slice of Anna Maria Island’s history with this portrayal of ‘Old Rotten Ralphs,’ preserving the nostalgia and significance of a beloved establishment that holds a special place in the hearts of many islanders.
  3. Evolution of Locale: Witness the island’s transformation as the erstwhile restaurant paves the way for a new sushi destination, symbolizing the evolving tastes and vibrant changes within Anna Maria Island’s culinary landscape.
  4. Narrative Representation: Embrace the story behind this artwork, a visual testament to the island’s rich tapestry, serving as a conversation piece that encapsulates the island’s past and present within a single frame.
  5. Collectible Décor: Whether adorning your space or adding to your art collection, these prints serve as a captivating addition, inviting conversations and reminiscences about the colorful history and evolution of Anna Maria Island.