Over The Falls


‘Over The Falls’ – Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. You can feel the rush of horseshoe falls in this painting from this close vantage point along the railing.
16×20 Original Oil Sold!

Purchase your very own hand signed matted print or limited edition, giclée on canvas artwork.

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Immerse yourself in the exhilarating rush of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, through ‘Over The Falls,’ a captivating painting capturing the dynamic vantage point from the falls’ edge, inviting you to experience the powerful allure up close. Crafted by Robert Johnson, this artwork encapsulates the raw energy and beauty of the iconic Horseshoe Falls.

  1. Giclee Paper Print: Vibrant giclée prints, presented in a crisp, white custom matte, bear Robert Johnson’s personal signature. Printed using top-quality Epson inks on durable Epson matte paper, these prints endure for generations. The standard sizing ensures convenient framing, fitting seamlessly into pre-made frames, making display arrangements effortless.
  2. Canvas Giclée Reproduction: The stunning canvas giclée reproduction mirrors the original masterpiece, enveloping the sides in a Gallery Wrap style, delivering an artwork ready to grace your walls without requiring additional framing. Each numbered, limited edition canvas carries Robert Johnson’s signature, shielded by a UV resistant semi-gloss coating, preserving its vibrant hues and pristine condition for years to come.
  3. Close Vantage Point: This painting grants an immersive experience, depicting the electrifying perspective from the railing’s proximity, allowing viewers to feel the cascading power and magnificence of the Horseshoe Falls, capturing the awe-inspiring energy and closeness of this iconic natural wonder.
  4. Gallery-Worthy Artistry: Robert Johnson’s expertise in Modern Oil Painting shines through the vivid, lively hues and intricate detailing, ensuring a captivating addition to any art collection. The artwork’s whimsical yet realistic portrayal of the falls creates a mesmerizing piece of framed canvas art, adding a touch of vibrant beauty to any space.
  5. Iconic Reproduction: Embrace the best reproduction available of this stunning natural wonder. ‘Over The Falls’ boasts a compelling allure, perfectly embodying the essence of canvas art, whimsical art, and colorful artwork, making it an exquisite focal point for admirers of fine art.

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