Queens Quay


‘Queens Quay’. Toronto’s main waterfront street featuring the “bicycle highway” and modern streetcars. A favourite street for active people watching.

24×48 Original Oil on Canvas Available!

Or Purchase your very own hand signed matted print or limited edition, giclée on canvas artwork.

Original Oil on Canvas painting available.

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Step into the vibrant world of Toronto’s “Queens Quay” captured in stunning detail through our Matted Prints and Canvas Giclée, a tribute to the essence of canvas art, whimsical art, and Modern Oil Painting.

  1. Matted Print: Immerse yourself in the lively scenes of Queens Quay with our vivid giclée prints on high-quality Epson matte paper. Encased in a pristine, crisp double mat, each print bears the unique touch of Robert Johnson’s signature. Designed for easy framing under glass, these prints effortlessly fit into standard-sized, pre-made frames, ensuring a seamless addition to your collection of colorful artwork.
  2. Canvas Giclée: Experience the allure of Queens Quay through our exquisite Giclée Canvas. The canvas, crafted to replicate the original artwork, boasts a Gallery Wrap style, presenting the scene seamlessly around the edges. Each canvas is a numbered, limited edition, bearing the artist’s hand-signed mark and shielded by a UV-resistant semi-gloss coating. Ready to grace your wall immediately, these canvases capture the essence of the bustling street, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy and preserving the whimsical charm of the original piece.
  3. Captivating Artistry: Revel in the fine details and captivating hues, depicting the lively ambiance and scenic allure of Queens Quay. Robert Johnson’s masterful strokes bring forth the charm of Modern Oil Painting, reflecting the bustling energy and captivating moments along Toronto’s waterfront.
  4. Seamless Display Options: Whether you opt for the framed allure of the Matted Print or the immediate wall-ready nature of the Canvas Giclée, these options promise seamless display and a perfect fit into your preferred aesthetic or space.
  5. Enduring Charm: Reflecting the brilliance of canvas art and whimsical art, these pieces not only capture the dynamic essence of Queens Quay but also promise enduring longevity, making them timeless additions to your collection of captivating, colorful artwork.