Toronto Skyline – Day


Toronto’s stunning skyline painted in a contemporary fashion. Original Oil on Canvas painting available (10×20).

Giclee reproductions are available in various sizes and are vivid, high-definition prints. Choose from paper matted version or canvas printed with the highest quality Epson inks, paper, canvas and printer.

Original Oil on Canvas painting available

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Explore a contemporary rendition of the iconic skyline with our captivating Giclee on Paper and Giclee Canvas artworks, offering a glimpse into the realm of whimsical art and Modern Oil Painting.

  1. Giclee on Paper: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing contemporary skyline with our vibrant giclée prints, housed within a crisp, custom white matte. Each print, bearing Robert Johnson’s distinctive signature, is expertly crafted using top-quality Epson matte paper and inks, ensuring longevity for generations. With standard-size mattes, framing becomes a breeze, fitting seamlessly into pre-made frames available at numerous stores, allowing for effortless presentation of this colorful artwork.
  2. Giclee Canvas: Experience the allure of the skyline in its full glory with our stunning Giclee Canvas reproductions. These masterpieces mirror the original artwork with precision and sophistication. Featuring Gallery Wrap styling, the sumptuous canvas wraps around the sides, imparting a seamless and complete visual experience. Ready to grace your walls without the need for framing, each numbered, limited edition canvas is hand-signed by Robert Johnson. The UV resistant semi-gloss coating ensures the artwork retains its vividness and immaculate condition, promising the best reproduction available that remarkably resembles the original masterpiece.
  3. Artistic Expression: Revel in the contemporary interpretation of the skyline, meticulously captured and presented by Robert Johnson. The artist’s skilled brushwork and vivid hues breathe life into this Modern Oil Painting, offering a whimsical yet sophisticated artistic expression.
  4. Ease of Display: Whether choosing the Giclee on Paper or the Giclee Canvas, both options guarantee easy presentation, seamlessly integrating into various decor settings, offering an effortless yet captivating display of vibrant canvas art.
  5. Enduring Charm: Reflecting the essence of colorful artwork and framed canvas art, these pieces encapsulate not just the contemporary skyline but also assure enduring beauty and lasting elegance, adding a touch of captivating allure to any art collection.